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“I would like to comment on your product Cinnergen. My son, who is 37 years of age has had uncontrolled Diabetes for about six years. His blood sugar ranged between three and five hundred, he was sick most of the time, and unable to work, nothing the doctors could do to control it. He could no longer support his family and had to move from California to live with me in Arizona. I have been supporting him and his family for almost two years now. I seen your ad on television and thinking Cinnergen could not hurt and maybe do some good, I ordered some. He has been taking it regularly. His blood sugar is now 91-110 steady. He has cut back on his medication. I could go on and on about your product…
Thanks for giving me back my son
Sincerely, Robert W., Arizona

“My husband’s health has been much better since he started taking Cinnergen. He had trouble getting his blood sugar under control. He was on a large dose of insulin twice a day, but after starting the Cinnergen he was able to drop the dose of insulin from 48 units to 28 units twice a day, and still dropping it little by little. Cinnergen makes a big difference in the way he feels as well! Before he would get in a bad mood because he didn’t feel very good, his sugar would be very high, 240-380, but now his mood has been a lot better, his sugar on a 14 day average is running 101, which is very good! Thank You Cinnergen for giving my husband some normalcy back in his life.”
Sincerely, Rose T., Michigan

“Hello Steve,
First of all thank you for all your time talking with me. 1) Blood sugars were 140’s to 160’s. 2) Doctor gave me glucophage/metformin. 3) Got a tester. My numbers did not improve and I got dizzy for 1 hour or more. 4) Switched to Cinnergen. 1 full cap every am 6:30 or so. 5) Started testing every evening prior to dinner: 90, 101, 90, 102. 6) Much improved, but still have slight dizziness on or so times a day which lasts for 5 minutes or so. I am 74. Do not smoke or drink. Bicycle Saturday/Sunday every weekend 30 to 40 miles each day.”
Sincerely, Leon S., Tempe, Arizona

“Dear Steven Kushner,
First of all I would like to thank you for returning my call and helping me with questions regarding Cinnergen. I started taking Cinnergen the first of October. Two weeks later I could tell the difference. I have low blood sugar and about 4:00 pm I need a pick me up and sweets will pick me up for a little while and then I come down, which leads to more bad eating. But with Cinnergen it curbs your appetite for sweets and there is no drop in my blood sugar. I also noticed that when you take the Cinnergen and take a taste of something sweet it doesn’t taste good. Which is a good thing when you are trying to lose weight and sweets are your down fall… So far my INS levels for my coumadin (blood thinning medication for blood clots in my lung.) are good with taking Cinnergen.
Sincerely, Mary B., Colorado
“PS: My bad Cholesterol has been high and I want to see how Cinnergen works on it.”

“Dear Steve,
I just wanted to thank you for letting Michael try the Cinnergen product to help with his Type 1 Diabetes. As you know, Michael has been on the insulin pump for three full years and has had trouble keeping his sugar in reasonable control. Since trying the Cinnergen as you prescribed it, a capful daily, he has seen a noticeable difference in his glucose tests. He describes the changes by saying that his sugar has been “much easier to control.” He also mentioned that is seems to be stabilizing and he has not seen nearly as many highs. He said that he actually feels the difference and is feeling better than he has in a long time. We would like to continue using the Cinnergen and are interested to see the difference over a period of three months when he gets the A1C test. As his Mom, I have noticed that Michael is more interested in keeping track of his sugar now that he feels encouraged by the better results he is seeing with Cinnergen.
Thanks so much for telling us about Cinnergen and letting Michael try it out.”
Sincerely, Jean M.

“I have been taking medication for diabetes for 19 years. My diabetes was 200-290 in the morning while taking my medication and at night the same. I have always taken 2 pills to control my sugar. I noticed a change since taking your product Cinnergen and because of the change the doctor instructed me to reduce my medication to one pill a day. My blood sugar level has gone down to 115 and no higher than 130.” (Translated from Spanish to English)
Juanita R., Tampa, Florida

“Mr. Steve Kushner,
It has been for us an enormous blessing to have started using your product Cinnergen. My husband had to take 4 pills (Glyburide) daily to control his diabetes problem. His blood sugar level was never lower that 220. On one of his doctor’s visits my husband was told that he was going to have to start injecting insulin twice a day. I asked the doctor to give us two weeks to think about it (I had heard about your product and had ordered it but had not started using it). Since that day we started the Cinnergen treatment. Thank God and you and your miracle liquid, today 11/12/2005, after visiting his doctor, his blood sugar level was 100 and that was after having a good meal. I have kept a diary of the blood sugar levels am and pm in my calendar. I knew it was working all along I just wanted the doctor to see the results. He has also lost 12 pounds. Before taking Cinnergen I had tried every diet and product in the market we were told to do and nothing had helped lower his blood sugar level. The doctor was amazed at how well he was doing and we told him strict diet. As you can understand many doctors do not believe in “natural medicine”, they prefer poisoning patients with pills that will cure one problem and cause another. I pray to God that he may continue blessing you so that you may keep helping a lot of people who need this. I am not a diabetic and I am also taking Cinnergen. I have many health problems, aches and pain and have felt much better as well as losing weight while taking Cinnergen.
Please continue with your mission.” (Translated from Spanish to English)
Respectfully, Victor and Judith O., Deltona, Florida

I first was “diagnosed” with diabetes in March of last year. The Dr. prescribed medication and I took maybe 2 doses and then decided that I didn’t want to be on medication all my life. I changed my diet, tried to start exercising. Then a couple of months ago my sister told me how cinnamon helps metabolize glucose, then I heard your commercial on the radio. To cut a long story short, I went to the Dr. (a different one since I moved from MD to VA) a couple of weeks ago. They tested my blood. The PA asked, “Are you sure they said the word “Diabetes”? She said the test was showing IÂ was in the glucose intolerant range, not diabetic range. This was only after a couple of weeks of Cinnergen. I know that Cinnergen has definitely contributed to the change. I’m going to go in for another test in a few more weeks and IÂ KNOW that my test results will show that I’m in the “no diabetes, no nothing” range.
Thanks, Sandra M., McLean, VA

I’m 56 years old and have been hypoglycemic as long as I can remember. I was never able to stay away from sweets for very long. I’d try and try again but would always give in and pig out on sweets and junk, which made me feel miserable. I had constant mood swings, insomnia, and headaches, etc. In the last two years my joints, especially my knees, were swelling terribly and hurt a lot. By chance I happened to hear one of your info ads on the radio three months ago and learned about how the body cannot metabolize sugars properly without proper nutrients. It made a lot of sense so I ordered three bottles of Cinnergen. It was easy to take because of its’ pleasant taste and within 10 days I began to feel relief from all these symptoms. I have now lost all desire for any junk food whatever, I sleep well, have no swelling nor pain anywhere, and best of all, with no mood swings, my wife likes me again. I now zip around at work and home and feel like I did at 18! I Really do! Cinnergen really works. It has given me a great healthy life.
Thank you very, very much.  Albert C Montoya