Concentrated nutrition to help
your body properly metabolize sugar

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We invite you to look around and explore. Today, with new Management for our parent company, Nunataq, Inc., we look forward to providing both our past customers and our new ones a wonderful experience with Cinnergen™ as they too enjoy the healthy benefits of natural products!

Unfortunately, in today’s fast moving world, it’s not always easy to eat well, or more importantly, eat right. As a result, many American’s diets have become poorly controlled and millions of us either already suffer from or are at risk of developing diabetes due to at the very least, blood sugar imbalance. Many reports suggest we eat too many simple sugar-based foods and too frequently.

Candy, french fries, potato chips, ice cream, pasta and more they all cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, followed by a rise in insulin which in turn causes blood sugar to plummet. On top of all that, we typically spend less time exercising and keeping in good shape, like almost all of us did when we were younger, all leading to an overall change in our body.

These changes can initiate biochemical differences and eventually lead to the body’s inappropriate management of and ability to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Studies suggest Cinnergen™helps promote normal blood sugar levels thereby decreasing symptoms that accompany elevated blood sugar and its effects. To add sweetness, we use the wonderful all-natural sweetner that comes from Stevia Leaves, alleviating the worry of added sugar to make the product taste good.

Be sure to listen to Dr. Richard M. Goldfarb discuss these important facts and real people who have tried and kept coming back for more Cinnergen™! Most importantly, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing how well Cinnergen™ is working for you!

“Cinnergen™ is a Cinnamon-based Liquid Supplement containing all-natural ingredients including cranberries, blueberries and more that together help promote healthy Glucose Metabolism!”